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Who is Mustafa Celik?

He was born in 1961 in Kayseri. He continued his education life in the Electronics Department of Industrial Vocational High School after primary and secondary school. Mustafa Çelik, who graduated from Erciyes University Engineering Faculty, Electronics Engineering Department in 1984, started his career as a Technical Manager in a factory operating in the private sector.


Thank you for giving me the chance to serve this land where I was born and grew up.
For 4 years, together with my teammates, not to embarrass you and to know everything.
Knowing the guilt of your duty to appear before our Lord with dignity,
we worked during the day.
I spent my life in this city. There are memories of my childhood and youth in this city.
I walked its streets, breathed its air, drank water from its fountain. This city has grown
This city raised me. Thank you; This city gave work, gave food. of my life
I lived life in this city, not the best moments. I am in debt to this city. The day has come,
Lord to me; It gave me the opportunity to serve this city and pay off my debt. this city and this
I have accepted it as my duty to serve the people of the city day and night. given
We worked and tried without forgetting the burden of responsibility.
We said the work for the country is a work of the heart and we brought works to every part of our city. From transportation
from investment in infrastructure, from urban transformation to green space, from investments in districts to agriculture and animal husbandry,
to develop our city in every field from culture, arts and sports to tourism and
We have endeavored to increase the peace and happiness of the inhabitants. Thank goodness
We did everything we said we would do. Our city's firsts, singles, greatest and new ones
We are in the happiness and peace of earning. During our 4-year tenure, Kayseri's
We tried to do the right things by planning not only today but also the future. Just
We strive for a city where not only we but our future generations can live in peace.
we showed.
It has been four full years in every field. The important thing is not to pass the time, this time
what you do inside and what we leave behind. The important thing is to leave a nice
And the important thing is to win the prayer. Not breaking hearts is making hearts. With this understanding
We spent four years and served with this understanding. This book is a summary of what we do. 2015-
It is a summary of how productive 2019 was for Kayseri. good luck. This
The city and its people deserve the best of service and investment.
Dear compatriots,
All these investments together with all our employees and our friends in the assembly.
we did. Our governments were always with us in Ankara. Our Honorable President Recep
Tayyip Erdoğan has made us stronger with his support. God bless all.
Thank you to everyone who is with us in everything we do.
We would be happy if we left a nice residue in this remaining dome.

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